Self-employed people have so much to keep track of. Myself, I run a bookkeeping and tax-filing business, freelance write and somehow manage to get my son to school each day, mostly remember library days and generally keep my house in a state of only semi-disarray. My life is an organizational feat! And while what I do works well enough, some days, my well-worn day-planner looks like the notebook of someone in the throws of madness. I keep wondering whether adopting a digital method of managing my time might ultimately make my life run a tiny bit more smoothly. Would going digital going to actually make my life easier – or will it simply mean more time spent staring at a screen, yet another application demanding my attention, something I feel overwhelmed for not keeping up to date?

I put up a Facebook post asking people what they use and the first few answers are The Secret Weapon, WunderList and Google Calendars.


my dayplanner

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