Monthly Archives: November 2012

Welcome to Bird’s Eye View


Welcome to Bird’s Eye View, the blog for Bird’s Eye Bookkeeping in Victoria, B.C.

I am a self-employed bookkeeper and freelance writer passionate about supporting the growth of local small businesses.

The other day, in celebration of BDC Small Business Week (October 16-22, 2012), I started making a list on Facebook of everyone I knew of who was self-employed. As I began typing names, I was astounded by how long the list grew. I started with the small business owners I work with or patronize, but as I looked over my friends list, I realized how many people work as independent subcontractors in the trades, or as artists, performers and musicians. Some people run a small business on the side of regular employment, others are successfully working full time at their business. Some are struggling financially, others have found their groove. All of them inspire me to continue along the challenging but rewarding path of self-employment.

As a small business owner myself, I learn daily from the successes and challenges met by my clients, friends and community members who run their own businesses. I hope to share some of this inspiration, as well as to provide some bookkeeping tips along the way.

I will also be profiling local business owners and inviting them to share some of the lessons they have learned on their roads to financial self-sufficiency.

Now I best get back to work.